Welcome to Homildon Cottage – Homildon Holiday Cottage, Northumberland
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Welcome to Homildon Cottage

Eccles Cairn

19 Jun Welcome to Homildon Cottage

We fell in love with northern Northumberland several years ago. It’s diffcult to pin down what attacted us the most: the hills, the people, the golden rolling light, the food, the attitude towards life, the glorious night skies … the list goes on and on. Suffice to say, it’s a very special place – quite unique in terms of what it has to offer. All of this was obvious from the first time we were lucky enough to visit but it came home to me one blustery lunchtime sitting by Eccles Cairn (pictured). Taking in the panorama, it struck me where else would be this special, where else would the cares of the world slip away, where else would I so appreciate a Scotch pie (it was November and blustery). From that moment was born our project to make a corner of this “Magical Kingdom” our own and, just as importantly, to share it with others. We hope visitors will come and share our cottage, walk the expanses of the National Park, share absolute peace looking over Humbleton Hill from the garden, enjoy the locally sourced food, meet the locals in the pub in Wooler … and fall in love as we did.

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